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Industries Served



High TechnologySoftware Development, Engineering, SaaS, ERP, Speech Recognition
ManufacturingSensors, Adhesives, Water Meters, Laser Lenses, Light Caps
Commercial ServicesConsulting, Cleaners, Office Supplies, Accounting, IT, Benefits
IT’S YOUR CALL is a b2b telemarketing service that helps businesses make the necessary outbound phone calls that are often overlooked. We help with Lead Generation, Lead Qualification, Customer Outreach, Event Promotion  and Integrated Marketing campaigns.Whether it be small commercial cleaning services or consulting firms to software development businesses or large international manufacturing companies. We help develop your sales pipelines by calling your prospects on your behalf.


Cold Calling campaigns to establish a consistent pipeline of qualified prospects in targeted markets.  

Lead Qualification to give your sales team the information they need to talk to the right person at the right time.

Trade Show/Leads programs to follow up in a timely and effective manner on leads acquired by your sales team at trade shows.  

Event Promotions to ensure that the “seats” are filled at your special events and seminars.

Lead Nurturing to keep your key prospects engaged until they are ready to convert to sales.

Database Cleaning to maintain focus by eliminating unqualified prospects and sending only the most qualified leads to the attention of your sales team.



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“The feedback that I received from my sales people was very positive in the following areas: quality of leads, management of program, potential for new business, and quick response of lead turnover”


“In each campaign we have closed at least one sale during or shortly after the campaign was completed. Additionally, sales six to nine months later have also occurred.”