B2B Sales Tips: How to Initiate Successful Cold Calling Conversations

cold calling prospecting

Whether its called B2B telemarketing, B2B lead generation or just plain old cold calling, the success of this strategy is determined by how comfortable you are with your pitch.  The tips below are good to keep in mind when you get on the phone.  I would add, though,  that practicing and role playing before you make the actual calls help to develop confidence. If you want to learn more check out “Cold Calling for the Clueless” an e-book for the non sales professional.

Whether you’re a sales professional delivering working from a large prospect list, or a business person on the receiving end of a cold call, the unsolicited sales call often creates discomfort in both parties.

But a review of tips from respected sales experts shows that cold calling can turn into a happy win-win situation for everyone.

Here are the top guidelines that experts consistently mention:

  1. Be genuine, be yourself. This requires real conversation, not reading scripts.
  2. Research your prospects to determine their needs and identify what you have in common that can be used to fuel conversation and create bonding.
  3. Delay pushing for your sales goal right away. Instead, focus on the prospect’s problems, which you can acknowledge and validate, demonstrating that you care.
  4. You only have a few seconds at the beginning of your call before you risk losing the prospect. Prepare a confident, concise opening statement that provides the all-important  WIFM (“What’s in it for me”), drawing in the prospect and creating the conditions for real conversation.
  5. Remember always: It’s not about you, it’s about the prospect.



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