Water Meter Manufacturer Taps into New Prospects!

An ultrasonic water meter manufacturer had created expensive marketing collateral and mailed it to a list of 5000 cities and towns. The high-tech water meter could save the municipalities time, and generate more revenue. This seemed like an easy sell, except no one responded.

The marketing manager searched the web for b2b telemarketing and found our company. A pilot program was decided upon which, if successful, would secure future work for IT’S YOUR CALL.

We created a script describing the water meter, and repeated the offer in the marketing collateral. The script also incorporated qualifying questions which helped the sales team determine the quality of the lead. We also scripted a voicemail message for when no one is available to pick up the call.

An initial pilot program with It’s Your Call achieved a 3% positive response rate, uncovering 13 new prospects (two of whom responded to the voicemail message). Out of those, four immediate appointments were scheduled and two appointments were set for the future.  This success was the result of only 20 hours. The water meter manufacturer has since written It’s Your Call into their budget for future campaigns!