Software Company Combines BtoB Telemarketing with Direct Mail 

A software company, creating an innovative system for the administration of non-qualified benefit plans, needed to generate leads for this new product offering.  The company knew that prospects often are interested in a product presented in a direct mail offer but are often too busy to take action.  In addition, the company’s sales and marketing staff did not have the resources to make the critical follow up phone calls to ensure a successful new product launch.  The Assistant VP of Marketing, turned to IT’S YOUR CALL for business-to-business telemarketing services.  

The campaign ran continuously for one year.  “We had telemarketing services down as a line item in our marketing budget which was key to keeping the efforts of the campaign consistent.”  The average direct mail campaign results in a .5%-1% response rate but with the combined efforts of direct mail and telemarketing, the software company had an overall response rate of 13.5%! The campaign was definitely a success. “Most importantly 10 new contracts can be tracked directly to the telemarketing and direct mail campaign,” the AVP stated.