Lead Generation Statistics Show B2B Telemarketing a Useful Channel

Integrated MarketingBusiness to Business marketing needs to have a mix of all aspects of marketing.  That over half of the B2B marketers still use direct mail and think that lead generation is most effective when done by utilizing telemarketing isn’t surprising.  SEO, social media, content marketing, direct mail, trade shows, and telemarketing all have a spot in today’s marketing strategies.

While search engine optimization (SEO) continues to top the list of concerns for B2B software marketers, lead generation continues to rank high – coming in second, according to Capterra’s marketing survey released last year.

Excellent SEO practices can generate more leads. Marketers also know that their contributions must account for between 30 and 50 percent of all sales generated, which is why lead generation continues to rank high on surveys. One of the strongest methods of gaining more traction with leads is through telemarketing.

Capterra’s survey also revealed these facts:

  • 45 percent of companies are using CRM to manage their lead data, and 84 percent of these companies will have a specific method for evaluating and rating these leads.
  • LinkedIn assists organizations in generating 44 percent of leads, but Facebook also brings in 39 percent and Twitter attracts 30 percent.
  • Aside from executive events, the most effective B2B lead generation tactics involve telemarketing.
  • Blogging accounts for many leads, in fact, companies that blog regularly gain 67 percent more leads than those that don’t blog.
  • Half of B2B marketers continue to use direct mail for lead generation.
  • Almost half of B2B marketers say social media offers the most difficult method for lead generation.

While social media definitely has its place in lead generation strategies and few organizations would say they are not using social media in one form or another, it’s not a proactive channel. Yes, social media does allow a brand to share its personality and it does offer a place where communities can grow and interact, it remains by far a less proactive channel than telemarketing.

B2B telemarketing services are highly sought after because unlike B2C telemarketing, the business world embraces telemarketing as a way to learn more about how they can bring the latest and greatest products and services to their customers. Establishing a relationship with a reputable telemarketing service is probably going to put your organization in a position to gain more high-quality leads.

The telemarketing process is not an easy one. It takes a great amount of planning and a qualified list of contacts that might be interested in the products or services being offered in the campaign. The best telemarketers will lead their clients through the process, work with them to establish goals, and continually monitor the campaign for changes that need to be made to affect a better outcome.



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