Database Cleaning and Lead Nurturing

Generating and qualifying leads is half the battle.  To have consistent telemarketing efforts a strategy for keeping in touch with your prospects is necessary.  We work with customers that have us reach out to their prospect database on a regular basis and we find new contact information that occurs as a result of attrition.  Not only do you have a clean database but you’re also be top of mind when a need for your products or services arise! 

  • Execute integrated lead nurturing campaigns to increase the conversion of leads to sales opportunities
  • Update and engage key prospects with relevant content and timely conversations as they move through their purchasing cycle
  • Leverage valuable leads and inquiries to build a consistent pipeline and generate sales
  • Eliminate unqualified prospects
  • Establish realistic timelines for the purchasing cycle for long term prospects
  • Increase sales productivity by nuturing the most qualified leads through the purchasing process until the timing is right to maximize the productivity of the sales team


“We realized a 20% positive response rate in our lead nurturing program!”